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About Sally Rutherford and her work

Born in 1940 in the North of England to a Yorkshire farming and Irish musical/ artistic family led Sally to a passionate love of animals and equal passion to draw, paint and re-create them by sculpture.

Whilst still at college Sally began to work commercially illustrating children's books, comics and magazines so popular then in the early 60's. Commissions for murals, design and display for top high street stores followed. Here Sally developed her artistic skills learning to construct and model whatever was required from a variety of materials and mediums available for all types of display purposes.

Her natural ability to be able to create and sculpt in any medium led to a period of ceramic design and modelling, This work was produced and sold through the world to prestigious companies such as Suchard, Milka Chocolate, BOOTS, WH Smith's, Harrods, Bloomingdales USA and Saks 5th Avenue, Galleries Lafayette, France and many more.

Latterly Sally's work has been carried our from her studio on the Stud Farm run by Sally, her husband and daughter in Devon. There they bred and produced successful horses and ponies for the show ring. The home bred animals were a major influence on her work, particularly the stallion who features in many paintings and bronzes. This period of time also saw paintings and designs in print for merchandise  such as cards, calendars, clocks and commissions by large major manufacturing companies in the UK and abroad.

A love of country sports, especially hunting and a great love of hounds features in bronzes, pastels, watercolours and commissioned portraits which have been sold world-wide.

Now Sally is mainly working from her studio in South West France for exhibitions and current commissions.

© Sally Rutherford, 2005